Redeploy your workforce, save time, money and provide value added services by investing in RPA and cognitive technologies


Find out how robotization will transform and disrupt service delivery, enhance customer experience by streamlined processes and cost savings up to 70%


Make the proof of concept for your organization, benchmark your automation maturity and identify main area for improvement by hearing about use cases in finance, HR, supply chain management, IT, customer service and beyond


Hear about aggressive strategies to successfully and efficiently deploy robotics across the business and learn to avoid pitfalls from the start by understanding which stumbling blocks can delay or terminate your RPA implementation.


Transform your back office from transactional to value-add organization by becoming an RPA thought leader and knowledge partner internally and change your profile by adding more valuable work


Learn how to establish a Center of Excellence and which governance model will work best for your company


Gain insights into how cognitive technologies will help you get to the next stage of your automation journey - With live demonstrations on stage, real use cases and RoI fact check

Dear colleagues,

The probability of high automation in the next 12 months in departments like General Ledger F&A,Customer Serviceor Credit Controlling is already above 50%. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers savings of roughly 20-30% over offshore. It is time to evaluate opportunities now and enter the next level of value-adding and quality improvement in your service delivery organization.

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Key Challenges and Topics of Debate:

How to get started with RPA and cognitive Automation? Which processes can be robotized?

How to roll out the technology across the business and establisch a Center of Excellence?

The don'ts of RPA and cognitive technologies: How to avoid pitfalls from the start?

Which investments need to be done to guarantee the most value?

Networking Opportunities

How do we govern this technology and how do job profiles change?

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Join this first-to-market conference that brings together providers and end-users to get the big picture and benefit from the next wave that will impact your bottom-line and enhance customer satisfaction at the same time!

Cécile Bonneton, Program Director RPA & AI, SSON Germany

P.S: 3 hours of extra intensive networking - Discuss the state of the industry in small groups that meet your individual need!

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