12 - 14 June 2018
Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany


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Join the leading international AI & RPA practitioners in Berlin between 11. - 14. June 2018 for the 3rd AI&RPA World Summit, to discuss opportunities for robotics and how to scale-up RPA. Gain insights into how to leverage on cognitive technologies to robotize end-to-end. Find out more and read the conference agenda here for free:


What to look for in Robotic Process Automation Technology

The objective of this article is to provide a view of robotic software technology grounded in historical context, and framed to support a useful evaluation of upcoming innovations. Find out more by downloading the article here!

The New Science Fiction World of the Future

Change is on the horizon and will directly impact production, profitability, and labour in ways that we are not yet able to foresee. As the technological landscape continues to expand, organisations are finding they are forced to adapt. 

Gain insight and learn more about the factors affecting risk reduction and critical system safety by reading SSON’s free report here:

6 Predictions around Service Delivery Automation

Service Delivery Automation (SDA) is a hot topic today, offering significant potential value in terms of inorganic cost reduction and speedy implementation with low risk. As a consequence, many market participants, whether enterprises or business process service providers, are exploring the opportunities. However, the burgeoning SDA market includes technologies that are still relatively unknown to many potential buyers in terms of solution features, deployment models, supporting frameworks, and commercial aspects. Recent Everest Group research brings some clarity to the market, and offers an evaluation of technology and vendors. Download this article on the 6 predictions around Service Delivery Automation.

Hardly a Human in Sight

The latest Robotic Process Automation or Artificial Intelligence technology offers automated processing at the user-interface level that mimics the work done by human employees. The roots of ‘next generation’ transformation are already taking hold in forward-thinking organizations such as Barclays, Cargill and others.

Which are the factors that make the difference in these companies? Find out the answers in the article.

RPA - Five Key Trends

Download the complete SSON article here for free:

How Organisations Can Embrace Automation

This article by Leslie Willcocks seeks to answer the question "Why robots may not be taking your job - at least, not in the next 10 years".

Why does Intelligent Automation matter right now?

Time to explore hands-on solutions and to reach the next cost-saving level: SSON is sharing an exclusive article, that answers all important questions. Read more here.

What to look out for in RPA implementation

Ideally from the start, organizations need to take a holistic approach in setting up a strong platform to leverage the benefits of RPA across the enterprise. Find out what to look out for in RPA implementation and where you need to pay special attention in this exclusive article from SSON.

The move from tactical RPA to digital enablement

Unlocking intelligent automation success is about managing expectations and understanding which phase of maturity you're working towards. Read in this article by virtual operations' executive chairman, Nick Andrews, details about the automation maturity stages, and how to best manage your expectations:

Exclusive article: AI Opportunities & Growth through Automated Services

Barbara Hodge, editor at the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, explains why keeping open mind for AI is important, what the greatest opportunities are from the implementation of AI, and how organizations can grow and benefit from automated services in this exclusive article.


Interview with Automation and Robotic Specialist at ThyssenKrupp Group Services

Interview with Tomasz Mituta, Automation and Robotic Specialist at ThyssenKrupp Group Services Gdańsk Sp. z o.o.

Advisory Board Interviews | eBook Part 1

Read the advisory board interviews with Sebastian ZeissVP Lean Management Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom and Tobias UngerHead of Innovation, Digitalization and Benchmarking at Siemens Shared Services Deutsche Telekom. Download the expert interview eBook part one here for free: 

Cognitive Automation Program Management at Zurich Insurance Company

Gero Gunkel, Cognitive Automation Program Manager at Zurich Insurance Company, speaks about the implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology and what difficulties have come along. You can read the complete interview for free here:

Advisory Board Interviews | eBook Part 2

Read the advisory board interviews with Ricardo Badillo, Director, Business Process Management and Automation at Western Union and Jan Gabriel, Director Bosch Shared Services at Bosch Service Solutions. Download the expert interview eBook part two here for free:

Advisory Board Interviews 2018

Read the advisory board interviews with

  • Sebastian Zeiss, VP Lean Management Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom
  • Tobias Unger, Head of Innovation, Digitalization & Benchmarking at Siemens Shared Services Deutsche Telekom
  • Ricardo Badillo, Director Business Process Management and Automation at Western Union
  • Jan Gabriel, Director Bosch Shared Services at Bosch Service Solutions

Download the complete expert interview eBook here for free:


Presentation "Robotics in Finance" by Project Manager at Allianz

Is there potential for robotics in finance and accounting? How long are implementation cycles compared to classic IT-projects?

Find answers to these questions, among many others, in the presentation "Robotics in Finance" by Michael Rode, Project Manager at Allianz, that you read here for free:

AI based automation for IT Service Operation

How to train the robot? What are Knowledge Items? What are the results? Continental IT started with a proof of concept for AI based automation the journey to the AI ready enterprise. Find out more in this presentation by Mr. HassmannAutomation Expert, and Mr. Lindner, Service Management Strategist:

Risk Intelligent RPA

Trintech, Inc. presentation on “Moving from Continuous Accounting to Risk Intelligent RPA”

Establishing a RPA CoE by Siemens

The presentation "Establishing a RPA Center of Excellence by Siemens" from Natalia Westhäuser and Tobias Unger shows, how the Siemens Shared Services are organized, why Siemens opted for a RPA CoE, and what the critical success factors are, that they identified. Read the full presentation here for free:

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